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Introducing Galleria - Our Latest Premium Shopify Theme

Introducing Galleria - Our Latest Premium Shopify Theme

  • Charles Wecker
  • Feb 07, 2018

Today, we're proud to announce our new theme Galleria!  Available now, we think you'll love our new approach to slideshows, customizable newsletter bars, mega menus, videos, product layouts, and so much more! Create your own personalized Shopify theme with 13 customizable sections from Mile High Themes.  Today I want to highlight some of our favorite features.

1. A Scrollable Slideshow

One of the most unique and fun features found in the Galleria theme is a scrollable slideshow.  Where many people won't wait around to see an entire slideshow on your home page, we've decided to let them scroll over each of the three sections and change the image that way.  We also include a traditional slideshow and hero video if you like those features more.  Check out the slideshow below:

2. Quick View Product Drawers

While on most websites (and almost all Shopify themes), if you choose to quick view a product it blacks out the background and opens what's called a modal to showcase the product.  Well, not anymore.  Instead when you click on a product, it'll open up a new space within the same page directly below the product.  Check it out below:

3.Twitter & Instagram Integration

Easy and beautiful built in Twitter & Instagram feeds so your customers can follow you. A Twitter slideshow lets users see all your recent tweets. If you only want one of these social media integrations, no problem, they expand to full screen.

4. Google Maps Function & Pins

Just put in your address, and a beautiful map will display across the screen with a pin for your store. Include a window over your map with your store's information!  This is a great feature that also functions in the contact page.

5. Three Different Menu Styles

Mega menus for large inventory stores available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns. A Modern menu that follows you down the page & a hidden vertical menu. Check out the mega menu:

6. Search Engine, Speed, and Conversion Optimized

Using the latest research about everything from slideshows to user engagement we were able to put together a theme that is search engine, speed, and conversion optimized. Ever wait forever for a website to load because there were large images loading out of view? Well, that won't happen here as images only load when a user moves their screen to each section. Nearly all of the images in the theme are also lazy-loaded to provide an optimized image for every screen size without having to lift a finger!

What do we mean when we say search engine optimized? We mean that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and every search engine you can think of will pull up your page on more relevant searches because of how we've structured the code on your website. Just type in your product descriptions, and our code does the rest.

Our conversion optimization is an even more wildly attractive, and useful feature that stems directly from search engine and speed optimization. Users will often leave a website if it doesn't load quickly, and it's even harder to sell something if they can't find your website! But all of our features try to lead to one thing for you, more sales and a higher conversion rate. Give it a try today!

7. AJAX-Enabled Product Filtering

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by large inventory stores?  Do you wish there was an easy way to narrow down a long list of products? Let's make that a thing of the past with our AJAX-Enabled Product Filtering. While you don't have to know what AJAX is, you need to know about this great feature where your customers can narrow their product results just by choosing tags you've entered for your products. Customers are more likely to stick around on an easy to navigate website, and that's exactly what we've done with product filtering. We believe this feature will be massively popular with medium-to-large catalog sized stores, but still provide a slick interface for those who only have a few items to sell.

Product Filtering

We're very excited about Galleria and think you will be too!  To learn even more about all of Galleria's great features, please check out our detailed overview video.