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Introducing ShowTime 5.0 New Features & Enhancements

Introducing ShowTime 5.0 New Features & Enhancements

  • Tim Maxwell
  • Feb 09, 2017

As Shopify changes, so do we. With Shopify’s announcement of “sections,” we knew we needed to jump at this opportunity to help you make managing your Shopify store easier. That’s why we recently rolled out an update for> our popular ShowTime theme, jam-packed with some exciting changes.

Using Shopify Sections with your ShowTime Theme

ShowTime> 5.0 allows you to take advantage of sections to add, remove, and reorder chunks of content easier than ever before. Choose the type of content sections you want to feature on your homepage (such as featured products, collections, videos, etc.) and simply drag and drop to reorder them! Click on a section or a page you want to edit and you’ll see only editing options for that content.

While sections makes editing individual pieces of your site easier, you still have the option of making global changes. This means changing things like typography or colors throughout the entire site. To do this just click on “general settings” instead of sections.

Learn more about using sections

More Brand New Features in ShowTime 5.0

Although sections is the change we’re most excited about, that’s not where the new features end.

We’ve added a completely redesigned shopping cart! Now you have the option of seeing your entire cart in a pop-up window. From here you can make changes to the quantities in your cart and remove products and watch the prices update instantly. The new shopping cart also makes reaching checkout easier for customers!

Another brand new feature includes the option to add a custom menu to collection sidebars. This is a handy way to help your customer navigate to pages that may be helpful to them.

See how to add custom menus here.

We’ve Also Enhanced Some of the Features You Already Love

You’ve got more options when it comes to video. You can now either embed a video onto the page, or prompt the video to pop-up in a modal window (just like the shopping cart) when viewed.

We’ve updated the featured product section (now called Featured collection in the theme editor) on your Shopify home page, giving you the option to display products in either a grid layout or carousel.

Our newly enhanced footer allows you to add up to 4 columns with menus, text or HTML, or your newsletter sign up form.

We know how much you love Instagram, so we’ve made it more responsive for your Shopify website. You can now individually choose how many image you’d like to show on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

We’ve also made it easier to get everything just right

Most of the text fields have been updated to allow you to bold and italicize all of the text you’d like throughout your website.

We’ve also added the option to add a background overlay to call-to-action images to help prevent your text from getting lost in the photo.

There have also been a variety of other updated and changes to make sure that ShowTime works flawlessly and meets all of Shopify’s requirements for accessibility and SEO.

We hope you find the updates useful. Thank you for your support!